Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fremont Plein Air July 8th

During River Days. Riversong Studios in Fremont, Wisconsin will be sponsoring a plein air paint out. Artists are invited to come and paint at various location around the area. There is no fee and all skill levels are welcomed. At the end of the day, there will be a reception to display the days work. Works can be for sale.

Fremont is located about 15 miles due west of Appleton, Wisconsin. It is on the Chain of Lakes, so there is alot of cottage vacationers.

For more info, email Riversong Studios at

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Next project

Currently working on painting the walls. I am pretty much done with the painting the loft area which is just off to the left of the photo. Now I am working on the area above the living room. That is a white ceiling fan. The flash appears not to be working.

Anyways, I decided to paint that whole area white. The ceiling was white already, but needed another coat of paint. Plus I dont have to deal with trying to get the paint even where the walls meet if I used different colors. The previous owners didnt do a very good job where the different colors met at the corners.

As you can see, the wall and the sloped area still need more paint. Probably two more coats. I did this all using a large extension pole just standing on the living room floor. It probably goes up to about 16 feet. Hoping that a rounded edge roller will fill in the corners and a flat pad for inside the skylight.

Figuring to put up some molding where the white will end. Currently the walls are a medium gray green and the half wall for the loft is dark green. Planning to use a color that is in the wood floors on the walls. Maybe the loft wall too, but contemplating an accent color, like maybe tomato red. Might be a nice surprise.

Finishing the closet is on the back burner. Maybe this weekend. I'd just as soon my husband cut the wood for the framing. He doesnt like to drywall or paint.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ditches and bars

It rained alot this weekend.

One thing I have noticed that is missing here. Ditches. Where do they put the snow when they plow the roads? Some of these roads are set up just like a funnel. No wonder there is a problem with flash flooding.

We took the long way home from church this morning. When through alot of little boroughs. Another thing I have noticed is that there arent alot of bars/taverns. Back in Wisconsin, if there were more than two houses in area, one of them would probably be a tavern -- well, maybe not that bad, but if you have anything that calls itself a town or village, it doesnt have to have any other business, but it does have to have a tavern.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A house

I did the Greenwich Art Fair in Rockford a couple of years ago. While just sitting around, I did a bunch of pencil sketches of little houses.

Found those sketches before the move and decided to do something with them. This one is painted on a black background.


This cat kind of came with the house. It either has a bum ear or is related to those kind of cats with the folded ears. It is very friendly, but also very skittish. Likes to climb up the screen to get attention.

It is a pretty cat, but leaves a ton of white hair when you pet it. It doesnt particularly like to be brushed. Need to find those petting gloves with the little rubber dots.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Update on closet

Closet has become functional. Hopefully will finish the framing this weekend.

Moved the cabinetry left from the previous owners out of the middle of the loft over to the walls. Two of the pieces fit nicely in the area that used to be for hanging, the rest is now against the opposite wall. Also working on enclosing the ductwork for the AC which took a corner of that hanging area. Still have boxes all around, but the loft feels so much bigger now.

Monday, June 19, 2006


This is what we did this weekend.

The loft area which you can see through the door to the right, was the previous owner's dressing area. It is a nice sized loft and there is alot of wasted space the way it is set up now. We decided to put the loft to better use, so we are building a closet in the bedroom.

We got part of the framing up and I drywalled & painted the inside. . Will be putting bifold doors on the unfinished part. The previous owners had used some of that wire closet system for shelves and hanging. Will be reusing that. Plans are to hang to rods on the new wall, and one on the short existing wall.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Best of Delaware

I am not far from Delaware -- home of tax free shopping (unless you have it delivered) .

It has been a challenge to get around down there -- with all those spaghetti roads. But we have managed to find a few places to go to while keeping our eyes on the roads and street signs.

Five Guys Burger, Lantana Shopping Center in Hockessin. Pretty good burger. We decided it was better than our usual Saturday fare of Culver's back in Wisconsin. Fries are cooked in peanut oil. Very crispy.

Caffe Gelato in Newark. Had an interesting supper of scallops over a bed of black eyed peas, sweet potato cubes and asparagus. No room to try the gelato, so next time.

There have been a few other places. But one thing we did notice was how lucky we were in just happening upon places that they had been voted Best (so'n'so) of Delware and the like. Someone must be looking out for us.

Got my hair cut today. Funny, the hair dresser suggested a skinny tortoise shell headband -- can we say MIDDLE SCHOOL!? At least she didnt suggest a blue bow. :-)

I mentioned to her how it seemed odd that we should happen upon so many Best of Delware places just by chance. She said that yeah, you see that alot in this area. But that it pretty much is confined to the northern half of Delaware and that Delaware is a very small state. Duh.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Trader Joe's

Saw this place when I was looking around the Brandywine Town Center in Wilmington last month. Then I went to MN for Open Canvas. Was watching the news on TV in Minneapolis and there was a spot on a new Trader Joe's opening up there and how parking was being a problem for its neighbors. Then when we were in Media, PA with our son in law and daughter, we saw one that was in an old building -- think it was a church. Either way, a big old stone building (like there are any other kind in this area! )

So yesterday, when my husband and I were at the Lowe's at Brandywine Town Center, I said I wanted to stop at the Trader Joe's. It was a neat place. Kind of reminded me of Brennan's and V.Richards in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Dont think I would make a regular run there, but would be a place to look for something different. We picked up a cranberry walnut tart. Tastes pretty good with this morning's coffee.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Nancy Schmancy (or I'm not Nancy)

Got called Nancy again. I am not sure why. Sure I have short dark hair, but I dont wear a blue bow -- tho maybe I did in the 60's -- which interestingly enough -- no one ever called me Nancy back then.

So what are Nancys suppose to look like? The guy who called me Nancy today would not be familiar with this Nancy as he was quite a bit younger. It has happened enough for me to make note of it and it is the most common name that I have been called by mistake.