Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some updates

Scott Edwards has finished his walk to the Grand Canyon. Will be interesting to see the pictures he has taken.

The Dorothy Heralds have risen to 2nd place in the Madison area MTV2 On the Rise Still time to vote. Vote early and often (you have to go to a couple of pages to get to the voting area).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ron Ranson

During my stay in Wisconsin, Terry Stanley and her husband, Tom, invited me along to dinner with Ron Ranson. He had been holding a workshop at the Jack Richeson Company. Interesting fellow. We went to Tony Roma's cause he never had BBQ ribs before. He quite liked them. But he was quite puzzled over the blue martini Tom was drinking. Said it looked like disinfectant.

BTW, dont forget to vote for my son's band in the post below.

Monday, August 14, 2006

MTV2 On the Rise

Another place to vote for my son's band The Dorothy Heralds.

It is MTV2's On the Rise. You might have to enable a pop-up. From this link you will need to go to the On the Rise section. There will be a flash intro that you can skip. They are currently in third place. You can vote as often as you would like. There is another clip of one of their songs on the voting page.

Remember vote early and often :-) Thanks!

Joseph Christjohn

Friday was a take it easy day. We just had to finish the picnic tables and clean up. The program director ordered pizza for later. Meanwhile, some of the kids sat around and drew.

At the end of the day, Joseph Christjohn gave me the drawing he was working on. I was quite touched. He was very quiet during the whole workshop (he is the young man in the photo below with the draped white shirt) .

I would highly recommend him to someone who is looking for an apprentice. He took great care in painting his bench and is ready to learn more about the creative process.

At the Auction

The kids finished their benches in time -- Yea! But just barely in some cases. Thankfully the grounds people didnt come right away, so there was time to do some final touch ups.

All the benches sold. Most to the parents or grandparents. I think it was a good experience for them. They still need to work on getting out and working the crowd. But that will come in time.

The next day I had them working on two picnic tables that were going to stay at the Oneida Arts Program building. We were short on primer, so I had them using tinted polyurethane for the bases.