Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pier 1 screen update and a revelation

Made alot of progress on the screen, tho it seemed to take forever --- especially painting the bottom section. Just harder to get down on the floor and paint.

I had asked my Korean neighbor to come over and paint some Korean words on each of the screen sections the other day. She was so surprised that I was painting Korean ladies and recognized them as being so right away.

I did discover that I needed to make a few changes. For instance the shoes I was trying to depict, Zipsin, are mens shoes! Plus the all over patterning I was planning to put on the skirt of the hanbok is more Japanese (click for larger view). Also that the tie on the hanbok is much longer

The words are from left to right, innocence, virture, and modest (practical) -- all are words that my neighbor felt these ladies represented. The hair pulled back into a braid indicates that they are not married. She thought it was interesting that I chose to have each holding an animal as traditionally, Koreans did not keep pets. But she liked the idea and felt they tied into the descriptions she had given to each.

I decided that extending the tie into the skirt section eliminated the need for any patterning, Plus it was easier to just fill the very bottom with some leaves. I still need to work on the shoes.

As for the revelation --

My daughter informed us this weekend that they are going to have a baby -- due the end of January. This will be our first grandchild. It is very exciting. Interesting tho how this made me realize that while I always say I feel old, apparently I must not have thought of myself as being old all this time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

That Pier One floor screen

Some time ago I picked up a floor screen at Pier One that was on clearance with the intention of painting out the design.

It had been standing in my dining room, (along with a bunch of other things that have yet to be put away) and I decided it was time to do something about it.

Had been thinking about painting some geishas as I think they are fun to do. But one of my neighbors is Korean and while she appreciates the art, she doesnt like who they represent. I was not aware of the Japanese treatment of Koreans in history.

So I thought that I would paint some Korean ladies in traditional attire. To me it still feels oriental and when my neighbor visits, she wont feel uncomfortable.

Havent figured out the colors yet, but leaning towards some cad reds and turquoise. Will put cherry blossoms in the upper areas and planning to add a gold metallic glaze in the background.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anastasia's Confections

Stopped at my local ShopRite grocery store this morning. Wanted some chocolate and saw these.

Anastasia's Confections Coconut Patties. 150 calories (50 from fat), 11 sugars. One is plenty. Went to their website and see that they also come in almond, pina colada, orange, key lime, and mango flavors. Thinking the almond would be good. Thankfully ShopRite only had the original ones.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Karen Hetzer Pet Portraits

Been urging my internet friend Karen Hetzer to paint some pet portraits.
I love this kitty that she painted.

It is 5x7, which fits into a standard size framed.
If you own a cat, I know you could find a spot to display one of her paintings. I dont own a cat but I am really tempted to get this one.

Contact her at karenhetzer@gmail.com

Sunday, June 14, 2009

21 Czars and Counting

This morning on the news I heard that the Obama administration had created 21 czars so far.

Think this idea started to develop when he appointed a Car czar and then the Pay czar -- now isnt that one fun to say fast three times? Payczar, Payzar, Pazer! Being one who likes to play with words, I couldnt help resist helping this administration come up with even more czars. And after all, now that we even have a Great Lakes Czar, what's a few more?

If you have anything to say about this whole czar business, feel free to use my "czars" to help get your point across.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Last Day at the Museum class

Current session is over for Painting in the Loper Tradition at the Delaware Art Museum with Al Staszesky. While Al does have classes at his studio in Kennett Square this summer, I have decided to try painting in this style at home. I thought that if I could do it on my own, then I would probably continue lessons in the fall at the museum again. This summer I will discover if I actually learned anything -- or if what I learned, stuck.

I decided to stay with the dark lines I had added last week to define the figure. And even added a few more. I think that I will probably paint on a dark background or define my sketch with dark lines in the future.

I made a few extra changes in the painting. Added more of her shoulder and put her hand on her hip -- tho she did not pose that way. I felt it just made a little more sense with my painting. Also worked more on the backdrop. Instead of a swooping edge to the blue cloth, I incorporated more of the folds and tucks giving it a more interesting edge against the bare wall.

Meanwhile, the chair I ordered from Overstock.com came. It definitely is paprika. Thought it would be a little taller than it is. But will still work.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Joe Jonas, Beyonce' and Mr Bean

Video of Joe Jonas dancing to Beyonce' s "Single Ladies" . Okay, tell me he doesnt look a little bit like Mr. Bean.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New York Times article- Obama art

A few days ago, my friend Kim Senior, sent me a link to a request for Obama art that was in the New York Times.

Well, today, my friend Shawn McCann, emailed me that a thumbnail of my Obama Celebrity Gocco print was on the front page of the NY Times! (for a short time)

New York Times article. Mine is #31 in the slideshow.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Monday, June 01, 2009