Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just ordered this rug from
I got 10% off from an Omail coupon, plus it is only $2.95 for shipping. Yes, $2.95. I love

Not sure where I will put it. But right now I am thinking about my bedroom or the dining room.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Angle Wing Katydid

The other day I was mowing the lawn and saw a katydid on the temporary fence. It reminded me of the first time I saw one in when we lived in Pennsylvania.

We were putting some things into our van. Some leaves had fallen off the tree and I thought that one had gotten stuck on the side mirror of the van. Upon closer look, I saw that it was not a leaf, but a bug.

Angle Winged Katydid

Monday, August 24, 2009

Co-Mingle and more

Finished a new piece the other day. I call it Co-Mingle.
I had started it during the first demo I did at Gallery 1603 in Surf City, NJ on Long Beach Island.

I wasnt so sure about adding the purple layer over the gold as I thought I might get more of a brown color. But apparently I had enough barrier coats to prevent that from happening. I really like how it turned out, especially in the lower portion. As a matter of fact the colors seem to co-mingle --- so I thought that would work for a title.

Also finished another piece using the clear contact paper for a resist. Long Beach Island has become a trendy place for weddings. So I thought hearts might appeal to someone.

Completed this small cabinet also. It white paint crackled over a copper basecoat. I then glazed with raw umber and added some vines and berries and a topcoat of varnish.

Normally this finish is a breeze to do, but I end up painting over it twice as I wasnt happy with the glaze or the way the vines turned out. The white paint still crackled, tho not as much as the first layer obviously.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Chocolate Fix

Some of you may know that my husband is diabetic. So naturally, there are foods that I try not to keep in the house. Mainly Chocolate -- tho make that ready to eat chocolate.

One of the problems of the restricted diet is that when I crave something, I end up eating more things than I would have if I had had what I wanted.

Decided not to let that happen today.

Brownies sounded just right today. While I do not have regular flour in the house, I do have some bisquick. I had picked up a small box of raw sugar the other day for coffee when company was here. Plus I had some bakers chocolate squares that I never got rid of. Imagine they are a couple of years old.

Found a brownie recipe using Bisquick. Made some adjustments. I substitued 2 squares of baking chocolate for the cocoa. Used almonds for the chopped nuts. And used 1/2 cup raw sugar and 1/2 cup Splenda (cause I knew my husband would want to try them) for the sugar.

I found that it needed to bake a little longer than the recommended 15 minutes. Another 10 minutes at 350 was just about the right amount of additional time.

Of course, couldnt wait for them to cool before trying. So they were a bit crumbly. Even so, they were still pretty good and definitely helped satisfy that chocolate craving.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gallery 1603 in Surf City NJ

Nice article in The Sandpaper about Gallery 1603 in Surf City, NJ which carries some of my work.

UPDATE: I guess the online site for the paper does not archive its articles. So the link is for the most current issue.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not quite like Landenberg

There are times that I really miss our place in Landenberg PA. We lived on 2 acres which bordered some woods. We frequently had deer in the backyard.

Not that I am a particular fan of deer. All it takes is to hit a deer once on the highway to change one's mind about killing Bambi. I think food pantries should be allowed to hunt deer year round.

So we moved from 2 acres to a lot the size of a postage stamp. I kind of miss using the riding lawn mower. But the cordless electric mower we have now does give one a nice little workout.
Our lot includes some wooded area and if you look closely, I have pointed out some visitors in the photo.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Maggie Co

A few months ago, I left a teaser on my blog regarding my geishas.

The news is that I am licensing my geisha images to Maggie Co to use on handpainted needlepoint canvases.

The owner is still working on getting the images up on the website, so if you are interested in buying one (or many!!), you can inquire at MaggieCo
to find out where to purchase.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Crown Moulding

Had some more crown moulding installed. What I have really been waiting for is to get some installed in our master bathroom. It was the first room that I painted and it took some time to decide on the color.

As you can see from the photo, I was trying to coordinate with the color of the tile. It looks alot closer in color on the computer, but in real life, it is more mottled and marbley with different shades of beige/tan. I picked up several paint chips that I thought were close in color and left them on the tub sill and went with the colors that I thought were closest at first glance. The color I chose was Glidden Dapper Tan.

(side note --- I love that Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower spray hanging off the shower head- It really cuts down on having to clean quite a bit and would highly recommend it to any one who hates cleaning)

You can barely see, but in the mirrors , there is a reflection of the two sets of corner window on the opposite side of the room. So the room gets alot of light -- which of course changes the color of the wall quite a bit.

In some parts it looks like a perfect match to the tiles and in other spots I wonder why in the world I chose that color -- and of course, the light at different times of the day still makes the color change. (Yes -- I DO want to replace those hideous lights)

To me, bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms to paint because the plumbing is always in the way. My paint edges next to the ceiling were not so good and constantly bugged me everytime I looked at them -- and made me question my choice of color. I probably could have done without moulding in all the other rooms, but I HAD to have it in this room as I did not want to repaint. But I thought that future buyers might question only having moulding in the masterbath -- which meant that the master bedroom needed moulding too -- at least.

We have a large room and it has a trey ceiling. We went with a smaller profile as there is a vent in the ceiling that is close to the wall edge (not shown). Decided to have the moulding painted the same flat shell white as the ceiling so it would become a part of the ceiling instead of sticking out like a sore thumb with a shinier sheen.

While we have a new construction house, we did not make the upgrade choices as it was a spec house (ie, the builder built it on speculation of selling). The carpet is just that standard contractor light taupe which is in all the bedrooms. So planning to paint the walls a darker version of the carpet. The bathroom color -- Dapper Tan-- kind of reads as an antique peachy tan. Thinking a sagey green will complete that palette. Hoping I can stay away from a 1970's south Florida look.