Friday, September 25, 2009

Day Two -- Loper Class

Progress on the second day of class.

Last week I mentioned I might paint the base color of each item, its predominant complimentary color. I didnt really choose that color too carefully, but definitely wanted it to be on the other side of the color wheel from the main colors. I worked mainly on the glass grapes and the apple. Kind of liking the effect. Still not happy with how sometimes the paint can be too transparent -- especially when trying to cover with a complimentary color -- as it looks a little on the brown side. Guess I will correct that in the coming weeks.

I have been taking classes with Al for over a year now. Every class has new students and a couple of the students have been in other classes with me. Bonnie is one who has been painting with Al for a long time. I am the only one who takes photos of my progress, so Bonnie had to get in on this photo.
She will probably shoot me when I tell her I posted her photo on my blog.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bathroom valance

Have been on a quest to find valances for my bathroom windows. I struggled to find any that would go with the Glidden Dapper Tan that I had painted on the walls. It tended to look like an antique peachy tan. When I couldnt find anything to make, I thought, why not paint some white valances with the paint from the wall? But then I didnt find white valances I liked.

Then I decided I could see some using linens. Was hoping to find a bedskirt as it would be pre-hemmed. But didnt find one I could use. Ended up finding one shower curtain at TJMaxx.

It even has colors that can be found in the Bernard Buffet print I have in the room. I am planning to put a white mat on it to help it stand out a bit from the wall.

I used to sew quite alot in the past. But only do it now if absolutely necessary. I added a couple of pleats which are a bit hard to distinguish in the photo. Not completely happy with them. But for now, they are good enough.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back to class

At the last minute Wednesday night, I decided I would return to Al Staszesky's Loper Tradition painting class at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington. Our grandchild will be born the first part of next year, so figured I might not have as much time to take classes then.

There were three still life set ups to chose from and I decided on this one. The photo is blurry as it was taken a bit farther away.

If you have been following my painting progress in the past, note that I decided to go with a white background and outlined the objects with a dark paint. Using acrylics again. I am not sure I like the white base and am contemplating filling in each object with the compliment to its predominant color as a base color. I decided to use up the paints on my palette at the end of the class and kind of fill in the objects.

I chose this still life because I didnt want to deal with a "white" backdrop. Well, I struggled with the "black" in the image in the background on the tray. I definitely need to get back in the grove of painting this way. The darkest dark is in the inside lip of the pitcher. So I need to take that into account when I go back and work on that "black".

What a lucky little girl


Phillies dad a hit with parents all over.

Every time I watch the video, all I can say is what a lucky little girl Emily Monforto is to have such a loving parent.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kim's Magic Pop

UPDATE: While you are here checking out the rice cakes, check out the rest of my blog for my painting giveaways.

I have become a fan of Kim's Magic Pop snacks.

They make and carry them at the ShopRite store where I grocery shop. They have a machine out on the grocery store floor that at first glance looks like it could be some sort of popcorn machine. I havent watched the whole process, but each pop comes off the end of the machine with a loud pop. You can see one in action in this video.

They are not unlike a rice cake, but flatter and larger. The plain ones have a slightly sweetened taste. I see on this website that they are also made in other flavors like ginseng and green tea.

I bought them thinking they would be nice to have with fresh fruit. But have discovered they are REALLY GOOD with whipped cream. Who needs the calories of the puff part of a cream puff -- its the cream we want and these are only 15 calories each!

UPDATE: While you are here checking out the rice cakes, check out the rest of my blog for my painting giveaways.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Vine cabinet

Stopped by Gallery 1603 yesterday and dropped off some more paintings. They had been getting calls from the newspaper article.

Found out that this cabinet sold that day.

Friday, September 04, 2009

New Rug from

A few days ago, I posted about a rug I purchased from . I tried it in my bedroom, but it looked too dark and looked more gold than green. So decided to put it in my dining room. The windows only have sheers, so the green shows up more.

I think I may paint the walls a bit darker. Right now they are just an antique white. And contemplating using slipcovered parsons chairs (one is just to the right behind the column) instead of the chippendale ones I currently have.

Also Maggieco has my geishas on the website.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Sandpaper

The article in The Sandpaper came out today. My "Come Join the Future" painting is on the front page of the second section. The article starts on page 33 (page numbers are on the bottom to follow the rest of the article) The paper comes out on Wednesdays, but they do not archive the articles online. So next Wednesday, it will no longer be online.

Thought the reporter did a nice job. While I may not have said everything exactly, I think she got the gist of it. Tho I have to admit I did start laughing at the end when I "said" I didnt want to be like those eccentric people you find under a pile of stuff in the basement. --- She must have seen my studio space a few months ago! ,

My studio space

This past Saturday I was interviewed by a reporter from the local weekly newspaper. It was a pretty quick notice last Friday afternoon, so of course I rushed to get my studio space in some order.

Clearly, I still need to get it organized, but then it wasnt that long ago that it looked like this.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A couple of sappy mangas -- make that sassy

My cupcake sappy manga painting sold right away at Gallery 1603 after being featured in last weeks issue of the Sandpaper. The gallery had been receiving calls all week about it, so I thought I should paint a couple more with cupcakes.

I usually write the narrative after I finish the paintings. These really arent that sappy, but on the sassy side. And I was corrected the other day on the pronounciation of manga. Instead of a soft g sound, it should be a hard g.

"I waited. And then I waited some more. I made you a cupcake to share. Pretty please with a cherry on top. Just how you like it. I am still waiting."

"So a cupcake is what you want? Okay, here it is. Now it's my turn."

It is not clear on these images, but the backgrounds are raw umber with interference paint on top --- green on the top one and violet on the bottom one. The neat thing about interference paints is that it isnt pigments that give them their color, but the shape of the mica chips that are suspended in the medium. They are cut at the angle where the wanted color is located in light -- think of light going through a prism.