Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 4 - Model progress

Last day of the model session. Next week we will be making up a snow cancellation day and working on our still lifes.

Tried to get the canvas filled but I did at least get the model filled in. Background can come later.
I tried to work on some interesting color combinations throughout the canvas.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moss Milkshake

Now that it is starting to get spring like, I ordered some Moss Milkshake from Moss Acres .

I know you can make a moss starter blending some real moss with buttermilk. But I guess I am hesistant to use my blender to do that.

I am hoping that this will work in my backyard. Right now it is just scrappy looking dirt. Would be nice to see some green. I would plant some grass, but because it is such sandy soil, I would have to be watering it all the time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Model Day 3

Day three.

I tried to work on getting the canvas filled. While the model took breaks, I started filling in the background.

You can see on the first photo above that I was thinking about changing her left arm to being closer to her body as she has moved her arm closer. But after taking the photo into photoshop and making some changes, I decided that I am going to leave the arm away from the body as it will give me a good opportunity to bring in an interesting color combination in that section.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unforgettable Art 2010 sketch

Geishas with parasols

At last year's event, several people come up to me and had connected me to the geisha painting I had done the year before (link photo credit to Jon Lambert).

Decided that I should reinforce that connection this year and paint geishas. So have been playing around with some ideas. The background will not be a flat bronzy color. Will be doing a metallic gold over raw umber with some glazes on top.

Think I need to move the cherry blossoms behind the top geisha -- bring it down a bit and angle it some more.

Had thought that maybe having the geishas holding a cup of coffee might have a wider appeal to the event attendees as well as any future art licensing. I could change that at a later date I suppose. Just liked the whimsy of pairing geishas with drinks using parasols.

We will be getting a 36x54 inch canvas. I figure to make these a set and size them about 18x24 inches each.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My new best friend

After showering this morning, I used the callous and corn shaver I picked up at Target on my horribly rough heels. I have tried that pedi egg thing and it barely removes any dead skin. There have been times where I have thought that only a belt sander with 60 grit paper would work. So I was a little skeptical about this shaver doing any better.

To my pleasant surprise, this worked wonderfully! It does need to be used when the dead skin has been softened by water. But it was like I was at an italian restaurant and the waiter was shaving parmesan cheese on my salad. Yeah, gross, but you get the idea. I did end up cutting my heel a little on the side that was hard to see. But put some neosporin and a large bandaid on that. Next time I wont be as agressive. And the heel cream may actually be effective this time.

Off to get some red sandals!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Model day two 2010

Hope everyone got a chance to view the video of Edward Hill Carmelldansen from my last post. If you need an earworm, it only takes watching it once or twice.

Second day at the art museum.
Decided to go ahead and paint the background lighter. Plus I made sure my brush was drier before mixing a new color.

I did go back and adjust some of the brushstrokes from last week.

I am always surprised at how the piece looks after I get photos of it downloaded to the computer.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New Abstracts

Started working on some more abstracts.

Used the last of my quinacridone gold on this one. It is a great color. Decided to title this one "Borghesa".

I think this one looks sort of like a snapping turtle. Calling this one, "Consume"

Kind of looks like a person in the white splashy area. Calling this one, "Mullered". Update: Unnamed commenter suggested "Effusion". I think that is a good choice. So Effusion it is.