Sunday, May 27, 2012

Al Staszesky's American Consulate in Quebec

 I found out this week that Al Staszesky was moving from Pennsylvania to Virginia.  I have been taking his painting classes at the Delaware Art Museum on and off for the past few years.  I have wanted one of his paintings for a long time.  He was having a moving sale and so I made the drive from the Jersey shore to SE PA  to snatch up a painting.  
It really was a hard choice once I got there.  Before I left, I decided that I would try and get one of his cityscape paintings.  Preferrably Quebec.  I was quite pleased this was available and decided to stick with my initial plans as it would have made the decision even harder.  I just love the colors and the carefree composition and design.  

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Dawn Simon said...

I must say-- I saw this painting in person yesterday and it made me still for a few seconds. It gave me a feeling inside that I haven't felt about a painting in a long time. This photo is beautiful but in person, this painting is amazing. Good choice Janet.